A Note From New Life

New Life Ministries recognizes the importance of our moment in human history, while also recognizing that our Creator is in control of it all. We remain committed to the community of Hawthorne, NJ, to which we have been led by God. We know that as a church, it is our responsibility to stand as a beacon of hope and light, bringing God’s love to a dark world. We know that our community—in Hawthorne, in New Jersey, and around the country—is hurting. We affirm that we as a church body must learn to listen to the needs of our community and learn valuable lessons about the struggles they face. We recognize that this may require asking hard questions of ourselves and having uncomfortable conversations, but we know that this is necessary to build a bridge to our community and to see the true work of God’s healing among us. 

In keeping with this commitment, we reaffirm that New Life Ministries is dedicated to putting Christ first in all things, in seeing justice done, and in loving one another without condition. We reaffirm that New Life Ministries stands against hatred in all its forms, against racism, and against injustice. We look forward to furthering the gospel of Christ by challenging hatred, violence, and racism head-on, and to working more closely with our community to bring about an end to these evils. Furthermore, we hope we may bring the gospel to all we meet, as we recommit to knowing God and making Him known. We desire to be a community of love, and will continue to wrap His children in love until Christ returns.